This little hottie really makes my dick hard! Ariana Grande is such a little tease. If you’ve seen her in Victorious bouncing around in those outfits you’ll know exactly what I mean. It leaves you craving to undress her and see that beautiful young body that is tantalizingly hidden from view.

Ariana Grande nude

Like just about always in regard to the hottest female celebrities. There are no real nude photos of this sweet thing. Don’t despair though as we have the next best thing to the real thing. These Ariana Grande fakes are so good they could fool most. I found a heap of these and had a tough time only choosing two of them to post here today.

Ariana Grande fakes

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I really wish actress Julia Stiles was getting more roles. I have been a fan of hers since I first saw her beautiful face in a film called ’10 Things I Hate About You’. She was also good in the Bourne series of movies. She doesn’t really get ‘sexy roles’ but I think she is hot as hell and I know for a fact I am not alone in that regard judging by the requests I have seen for her.

Julia Stiles nude

Julia Stiles hot

There aren’t a whole lot of revealing photos of this actress I am afraid. No bother though as I have found the next best thing. Take a look at these fakes of Julia I nabbed from the Celeb Dreamer site earlier. These are just two of many they have of her in their members section so if you’d like to see them all head on over and grab yourself a members pass. Join today and get free bonus access to their celebrity hentai site Celebs Dungeon as well!

Another dose of hot little Selena Gomez coming your way today. She is such a hottie we just had to give her an encore performance. I found some really hot new fakes of the pretty starlet and had to share a couple of them.

Selena Gomez nude

The first one is a full body shot showing Selena completely nude. Is that the flawless body you have been dreaming of?? Looks pretty damn perfect to me! Love the look on that pretty face of hers too I have to say. The second is just as good with her looking very sexy in high heels parting those sweet cheeks to let us see the goods.

Selena Gomez fakes

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It’s hard to believe that sexy Vanessa Marcil is now 43 years old! Talk about a hot older woman! I’ve always found her to have that classy look that is really hot in a timeless kind of way. I went off searching for revealing pictures of the actress and found little except a few oops style photos. That is not what I wanted though. No, I wanted to see her in the nude and I knew where to find them.

Vanessa Marcil nude

Vanessa Marcil fakes

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We had a lot of positive response last time we featured some of the work from the guys at Celebs Dungeon, so we thought we would post some more for you today. This time they have turned their eye to the luscious Mila Kunis. She is one of the most beautiful young actresses on the planet in my view and I really enjoyed this series of sex pictures of her.

Mila Kunis sex

This set is every bit as hot and kinky as their last, with Mila all tied up and vulnerable. All of her delicious body gets explored and a beaded dildo even finds its way into her ass!

Mila Kunis fakes

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Which celebrity do you think has the best tits? For mine it’s sexy redhead Christina Hendricks. She has got some huge breasts. I’m not sure what her measurements are but those bad boys have got be at least an F cup. If you have ever seen her at an awards show in one of her notoriously low cut cleavage revealing dresses you will know just what I am talking about.

Christina Hendricks nude

All that cock teasing left me wanting to see her topless or better yet nude. I dug out some a couple to show here today. What do you think? How’d you like to get lost between those massive boobs??

Christina Hendricks fakes

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The eternally hot Beyonce Knowles is back on Yovo Fakes today. I wanted to post a couple of new ones of the bootylicious pop star and I am sure no one is gonna mind an encore performance. They were running a Beyonce marathon on one of the cable music video channels yesterday and I nearly got blue balls watching her shake that big juicy booty around for that long.

Beyonce nude

I knew I would not find any real nude photos of her on the net. They don’t exist. While this is not ideal I knew where I could find the next best thing. Check out these fake nude pics of her and tell me they don’t pass as real.

Beyonce fakes

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I’ve always had a major crush on petite actress Michelle Trachtenberg. Ever since I first saw her as Buffy’s little sister Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While she hasn’t been in a tonne of films or new TV series I make a point of watching anything she is in.

Michelle Trachtenberg nude

She’s got a smoking hot little body too. There is a scene in Eurotrip with her in a very tiny bikini and damn!! If you are looking for real nude photos of her though I am afraid you’ll be disappointed. There are none. However there are some very nice fakes that hit the spot. Here are two I picked out from the Celeb Dreamer archive. Both show the pretty actress naked and getting that hot little pussy stuffed!

Michelle Trachtenberg fake

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I got into a debate about cute girls vs hot girls the other day. It’s funny how some prefer one over the other. I see merit in both myself. I would have to put Drew Barrymore in the ‘cute’ category. Don’t get me wrong I would nail her to a wall if given the chance, but I wouldn’t really class her as one of the sexiest actresses around.

Drew Barrymore fake

That said though I am sure we all still want to see her naked right? I dug out a few fakes of the Charlie’s Angel star so you can decide for yourself whether she is hot or not. Both of these see the popular actress getting her famous little pussy banged hard.

Drew Barrymore sex

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One of the funniest movies in living memory has gotta be Anchorman in my not so humble opinion. I am a big Will Ferrell fan in general and Ron Burgundy is my favorite character he has played. I was pretty physched to learn that Anchorman 2 is in the works as I type so I am very much looking forward to that next year.

I learned that the guys at Parody Pass had made an x-rated Anchorman parody recently. I have seen tonnes of their past parodies so I knew this one would one not to be missed. They have a knack of making them sexy and funny and always do a really nice job of casting good actors for the job.

Check out some preview pics and the trailer for the movie. I watched the full video last night with some buddies and it had us howling with laughter and we all agreed the girl playing the Veronica Corningstone / Christina Applegate character was smoking hot. So funny seeing Ron, Brick, Brian and Champ nailing her.

You can download the full Anchorman XXX parody from Parody Pass. Check out their many other spoofs of popular television shows and films too.

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