I was more than a little surprised to learn that we had never before featured sexy blonde pop babe Christina Aguilera before. She’s not a woman that is easy to miss either so I’m stumped as to how she has evaded our eyes. Lets make up for it with a couple of very nice doctored photos of the hot popstar.

Christina Aguilera fake

Of course these are not real pics if somehow you miss the point of our site. No these photoshopped pics are the work of some of the top fakers like Yovo. There are dozens of dirty pics like this Christina naked and also engaged in kinky sex scenes with men and women.

Christina Aguilera yovo

Like we said this is just two of the many Christina Aguilera fakes available to FakeFantasy.com members. Join to see 1,000s of the world’s sexiest female celebrities in shocking and revealing pics.

It really seems like Madonna has been around forever. I mean she is now 54 according to Wikipedia and still rocking it. She may not have the body or looks she used to in her prime but she is still a very sexy woman despite closing in on sixty!

Madonna nude

There was a lot of fuss made about her nudity in an arty book she put out over a decade ago. Black and white and not particularly hot was how I saw that book and was disappointed. No, I wanted to see the Material Girl naked like she is in these pictures! I very much doubt a sex tape of this level will ever emerge!

Madonna fakes

Fair enough, these are not real and I am pretty sure we are not gonna see Madonna in these sorts of wild sex images. So if ya spank it to the biggest selling female pop star of all time then check them all out at Fake Fantasy.

We have seen some crazy porn versions of a lot of TV shows and movies since we have been running this site. If you are a regular visitor you will know some of the hilarious and sexy spoofs the Parody Pass team have produced. This one is a little out of left field I guess… I wouldn’t have thought The Big Lebowski was a film ripe for pornalizing but it works. Oh and find me a red blooded heterosexual man that didn’t fuck the daylights out of Bunny!

There was some brief nudity in the real version, but no where near the amount of flesh present in this one. The Dude well and truly gets his pole smoked by the gorgeous girl they got to play Bunny. There are some other hot chicks in this cast too and the dream sequence is not to be missed.

If you liked the film you will most likely enjoy this XXX version. If not there are plenty more porn parodies to see at Parody Pass. Become a member to get all their videos in high quality.

I was watching one of Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows last night and thought to myself she would make the ultimate wife. A smoking hot, voluptuous as hell, wealthy woman who loves to cook… what more could a man ask for??? I can’t for the life of me remember what she was cooking but I do remember she was wearing a tight red sweater haha.

Nigella Lawson fakes

I would seriously pay big money to see her breasts in all their natural glory. Unfortunately for us all I don’t think Nigella will be popping her juggs out for us though. The closest we are going to get is the odd oops photo snapped by paparazzi or fakes like these.

Nigella Lawson nude

I really like the first photo for all the obvious reasons. Imagine her in this outfit waiting for you at home. Too hot to handle!

Want more? There are a load of great Nigella Lawson fakes to see at Fake Fantasy.

If you’ve seen the massively popular TV show Modern Family you will no doubt recognize this voluptuous Colombian goddess. It’s Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria. She is very sexy and I was shocked to learn she is 40 years old. I mean wow!

Sofia Vergara nude

She has been a model and there are some hot pictures of her floating around. I wanted more though and the temptation to see her naked was too much. I knew faked nude photos existed and knew just where to find them.

This is just one of the nude pics of Sofia Vergara you can find at Fake Fantasy. Visit their site to see pictures like this of tonnes of famous women from all over the globe.

Todays featured Yovo fakes star pretty starlet Bridgit Mendler. These are for you guys that have been requesting us to post up some hot pictures of the ex Disney channel babe. Now this up and comer is about wholesome as they come. Very much a G-rated hottie at them moment and I don’t see that changing.

Bridgit Mendler fakes

I highly doubt we will ever see this one do any kind of nudity and we all know how frustrating that can be. Fear not though, as always we can bring you the next best thing. Have a look at these Bridgit Mendler fakes as it’s the closest we may ever come to see her naked.

Bridgit Mendler nude

I really like the first image above for obvious reasons. They are even more like that one inside the massive Fake Fantasy members section. They have these sorts of pictures of tonnes of actresses, television presenters, models, sports women and more.

If you are like me you have seen plenty of photos of hot Brazilian model Adriana Lima wearing next to nothing. She has modeled all sorts of tiny swimsuits and Victoria’s Secret lingerie over the years. While it is very nice, it does leave you wanting to see more… so much more! Well good news. We’ve got some very revealing pics of the supermodel for you.

Adriana Lima nude

No these aren’t from the famous stolen tape. These are not even real of course. These are faked but we love them anyway. I really love the first one in particular with her long legs in the air and that sweet view of the goodies… oh my!

Adriana Lima fakes

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I had to look at these hand drawn illustrations twice as they almost look real. You can’t get too much more realistic than that I reckon. Of course I doubt we would ever be so lucky as to get real photos of beautiful Jessica Alba in this type of kinky scenario.

Jessica Alba sex

This is another wild celebrity sex fantasy from the guys at Celebs Dungeon who we have featured here before. In this one they have ex Dark Angel star having some intense sex with one of her fans. She gets banged in all sorts of crazy positions and finally when she in tied up and spent she gets a big load of cum sprayed all over her tits.

Jessica Alba hentai

See more of these Jessica Alba hentai pics at Celebs Dungeon. They have similar styled pictures of many more hot celebrities too so check their site to see more free previews. Note also that when you join their site you also get free bonus membership to the Celeb Dreamer as well!

Haven’t got too much time to write today so I will instead just let these nude photos of sexy Carla Gugino do the talking. I’m sure no one will object to me not waffling on haha. Both of these pics are of course fakes just in case you missed the point of our site.

Carla Gugino nude

The first of them has her naked except for some cute stripped long socks and a beaded necklace. She looks delectable in that pose I gotta say but the second one is my favorite. In this image she is completely nude and all wet. Mmmm she looks slippery and seductive!

Carla Gugino fake

Want to see more like these? You can find the motherload of celebrity fakes at Fake Fantasy. There you can see all your favorite actresses, models, sports women and television personalities like you have only ever dreamed of seeing them.

Last night I re-watched the movie Havoc (yes again!) staring the always sexy Anne Hathaway. Of course it is purely co-incidental that she appeared naked briefly in this film lol. Ok I lie it’s the ONLY reason I watched it. It got me thinking I should post some new fakes of the tall and leggy actress as I have a huge batch of new ones I found at Fake Fantasy. I can’t post them all but I picked out two I knew you guys would like.

Anne Hathaway nude

The first one is my personal favorite. It shows her naked leaning back showing off her incredible rack. Man I love those famous tits! The other is much more explicit and sees her spreading her pussy wide open for our inspection.

Anne Hathaway fakes

Like I said these are just two from the huge series of Anne Hathaway fakes that can be found at Fake Fantasy. Treat yourself to a members pass to see them all in larger size and tonnes more faked nude and sex pics of many more famous women.

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