I guarantee you this woman would just about be in every guys top 10 celebrities they would love to see nude. I am talking about the immensely sexy Transformers babe and super model Megan Fox. Man this girl is hot. One those chicks it almost hurts to look at they are that good looking.

Megan Fox naked

I have been looking and high and low for any pictures of Megan Fox naked and have yet to find any genuine photos. I of course found plenty of sexy pictures of her in FHM bikini shoots and some paparazzi shots but no real nude photos like I had hoped for. That is until I stumbled upon on these Megan Fox fakes from Celeb Defamer

Megan Fox fakes

These are very well done and look about as real as you can get. I assure you though they are fakes. Since I found these I have been getting more into celebrity fakes. I got myself a subscription to Celeb Defamer and have been downloading fakes of all my favorite actresses ever since. With over 110,000 images it’s gonna take a while to work my way through their massive database of images… but it’s fun doing it!

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I’ve always liked the sassy Latina Michelle Rodriguez. The sultry Fast And The Furious star has never looked as good as she does here in these celebrity fakes from Celeb Defamer. I thought we would never get to see Michelle Rodriguez nude even though she does have a reputation for being a bit of a wild chick. Pretty sure she is bisexual too which is pretty hot! Would love to see her and another girl in a sex scene.

Michelle Rodriguez nude

Michelle Rodriguez sex

If you like these you can find more Michelle Rodriguez fakes at Celeb Defamer. They have got just about every famous woman in their long list of celebrity fake images. Check them out!

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Alright, a couple of hot Jennifer Garner fake pictures for you today. The sexy star of Alias and several shitty movies is finally nude on your monitor thanks to these fakes from Celeb Defamer. What do you think? They’re pretty well done in my opinion. That’s just how I imagine her body to look. Perfect sized breasts a sexy flat tummy and a silky smooth shaved cha cha.

Jennifer Garner nude fake

Jennifer Garner yovo fake

As well as being naked they have some very xxx rated sex fakes that feature Jennifer. Like this one of her riding a dick. She should do more porn she’s a natural!

See more Jennifer Garner fakes at Celeb Defamer, plus hundreds of thousands more celeb fakes.

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I likes me some sultry and sexy Latinas and they don’t come much hotter than Eva Mendes. I always thought she looked a little like Cindy Crawford.. like a sexier, latin version maybe heh. She hasn’t been in too many decent movies of late but after watching Training Day the other day of Blu-Ray I got to thinking about her.

Eva Mendes Nude

I checked the Celeb Defamer database hoping to find some Eva Mendes nude fakes and was happy to find several really high quality ones. Check out these two. The first sees her naked with a gun… like a nude tomb raider! The other has her staring in a sex scene. Looks like she just gt that sexy culo slammed and filled with cum!

Eva Mendes sex

See more Eva Mendes fakes at Celeb Defamer, along with thousands more naked female celebrities.

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I got asked why we hadn’t featured any Kate Beckinsale nude pictures here at Yovo Fakes and I replied it was an oversight that I would rectify soon. After all Kate is one of the most beautiful actresses around at the moment. The dark haired English celebrity adds something special to every film she is in and it’s not hard to see why. She’s very sexy.

Kate Beckinsale nude

Kate Beckinsale naked

Anyway without further ado here are some very nice Kate Beckinsale fakes I got from Celeb Defamer. There were many more of course but I picked out the two I liked the best. There were some some more explicit images of Kate getting fucked by a big dick and getting that sweet face cummed on but I went for the ones of her naked. If you want to see the rest of them you will have to join Celeb Defamer and get yourself access to their giant database of over 1 million celebrity pictures.

See more Kate Beckinsale fakes at Celeb Defamer

There is something incredibly hot about the somewhat geeky Mythbusters babe Kari Byron. The cute redhead is one of the main reasons I tune in each week. It is a good program but still haven’t the sexy Kari in tight jeans or the odd bikini doesn’t hurt. I think they need to find some myth that requires Kari Byron to be naked though what do ya think? Perhaps a “is Kari a real redhead?” test should be tested to see if the downstairs rug matches the upstairs drapes haha.

Kari Byron nude

Jokes aside I went looking for some nude pictures of Kari and found sweet fuck all. Well, I did find these celebrity fakes. Pretty hot I gotta say to finally see her nude.

These are from the controversial Celeb Defamer site. They have fakes like these of thousands of female celebrities (and a few male celebs too) in their massive members section.

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Like a lot of guys my age I have had a hard on for Christina Applegate since she first rose to fame in the awesome Married With Children. That sitcom was funny as hell and seeing sexy bleach blonde Kelly Bundy bounce around in those super tight short outfits was every teenage boys wet dream come true haha! Too top it off they also had Katey Sagal and her big tits to look at too. That reminds to hit the torrent sites to download some old episodes… I’m feeling all nostalgic now!

Christina Applegate nude

Christina Applegate cum

These days Christina Applegate is still hot. She has matured and I think she looks more beautiful now that she is in MILF territory. Disappointingly she has never done a nude scene so apart for seeing her tits jiggle around in those tiny bikini’s they has her in we have never seen much skin. That is till now. Check out these Christina Applegate fakes from the legendary Celeb Defamer. Man I love that one with the huge cum shot all over her face.. fucking hot stuff!

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I tell you there is something about British television there are so many hot MILFs and older ladies on it. I’m talking about women like Nigella Lawson, Faith Brown, Ferne Cotton and the sexiest of all Carol Vorderman. She is a stunning looking woman and she just seems to keep getting more beautiful with age. She’s got a lovely body too. That bum of hers gets guys the country over tuning in I’m sure. That day they had her in leather pants was awesome!

Carol Vorderman nude

Carol Vorderman sex

So you’ve seen her in sexy stockings and nylons and maybe even see a few oops moments on youtube but you wanna see Carol Vorderman nude don’t you? Well join the fucking que! Haha me thinks you will never see any real nude photos of a classy celebrity like her so we must turn to the world of fakes and once again when it comes to this nobody does it better than Celeb Defamer. Check out these naughty fakes of the gorgeous Brit in all her glory.

See more Carol Vorderman fakes at Celeb Defamer

Sexy super model Alessandra Ambrosio looks good in just about anything. Seeing her strut around in expensive lingerie and revealing bikinis is one thing but seeing her naked is another! No she hasn’t posed for Playboy and no there is no celebrity sex tape featuring the leggy Victoria’s Secret model so there is only one way to see Alessandra Ambrosio nude and that is by celebrity fakes like these from the Celebrity F site.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Here we see the hottest Victoria’s Secret Angel completely naked. She has shed the skimpy lingerie and we finally got to see those perky breasts and smooth pussy. As you can see they have the beautiful fashion model in all sorts of porn scenarios with her sucking cock and getting fucked.

Want to see more Alessandra Ambrosio fakes? Then be sure to visit Celebrity F.

I got a buddy who is obsessed with Jessica Simpson. He loves her like a fat kid loves cake! He is always scouring the web searching for any sex tapes or leaked nude pictures of the blombe bombshell. I keep telling him that apart from a few oops pics like upskirts he isn’t gonna ever find any real photos of her naked. I hooked him up with a whole bunch of Jessica Simpson fakes that I downloaded from Celeb Defamer.

Jessica Simpson nude

At first he was like “Fuck that they aren’t real!” I explained you are never ever going to see this celebrity nude any other way are you? He admitted I was probably right. I told him to just let his imagination go wild and these fakes can be the best celebrity fantasy tool you could ever want. A few days later he was thanking me and had got himself a Celeb Defamer membership and was downloading celebrity fakes like a mad cunt! Haha I love a happy ending don’t you!

Jessica Simpson tits

See more Jessica Simpson fakes at Celeb Defamer, along with thousands more of the sexiest female celebrities.

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