I found some really nice faked photos of sexy little blonde actress AnnaSophia Robb earlier and though I’d share a couple. She is really cute and has developed quite the delectable body too.

AnnaSophia Robb naked

I am not sure if we will get to see her naked for real in the future but her Sex And The City prequel role is a promising sign! In any event we can always just look at these hot pics and fantasize.

AnnaSophia Robb sex

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We’ve been showing you some exquisitely hand drawn pictures of many of today’s hottest female celebrities in various sexual fantasies. I really like their style and thought I’d post a quick one of sexy Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco in hot sex fantasy

Just WTF is going on in the picture? The last time I saw her pull that face was when Wolowitz was trying to bust a move on her! In any case her luscious nude body is going to be explored in every way possible in this fucked up fantasy.

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I think it would be fair to say that Britney Spears has passed the peak of her fame and popularity. After the famous meltdown she has been on the decline. She is still hot though and we still get asked to post fakes of her.

Britney Spears porn

I decided to dig out a couple of classic porn style faked photos of her to post up today. Both of these show pop idol getting nailed hard. Forget looking for upskirts and oops pictures. I’d rather spank it to these!

Britney Spears sex

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We’ve posted this pretty star before and we get enough requests for her that we decided to give her an encore performance. I am of course talking about Emily Osment. The Hannah Montana star is another of these new bred of actresses that always manage to tease you to the point you wanna see them naked more than anything but you just know you’ll never get to see them with no clothes on.

Emily Osment nude

Well, that sort of thing grates on some of us. The good folks at Fake Fantasy like to show us the next best thing when a famous babe doesn’t do nudity and they have a heap of very nicely done faked photos of Emily. Take a look at just two of them and see if you can spot whether they are fake or real.

Emily Osment fake

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Kate Walsh is another example of smoking hot women over 40. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy quite a lot and became a fan. While she has never had a major role in a big movie she has been in plenty of television and films in smaller roles.

Kate Walsh hot

I guarantee you won’t find much in the way of nude or revealing photos of the star. She’s not the type it would seem but I know that isn’t going to perter the vast majority of you. I’ve dug out some faked nude photos of her that I have had for some time.

I really like this picture that I chose. While not fully naked not much is covered up by her lacy panties and stockings. Very sexy!

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Hands down the best sitcom I have ever seen would have to be Seinfeld. I know a lot of people regard it as the best too and it still stands up today and makes me laugh and you can’t say that about too many older TV shows.

So loving the show when I saw the cover of this x-rated parody version of it I wanted to see it. Obviously the main eye candy comes in the form of Elaine. All the guys get to bang her stupid and get all that sexual frustration out.

They did a pretty good job with the casting. They all have the same quirks and mannerisms (especially Krammer) and I was genuinely entertained by the video over all not just the hardcore bits.

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I was reminded that we hadn’t ever posted any pics of hot actress Emily Deschanel yesterday. I was a bit surprised that we hadn’t featured the Bones star to be honest. Speaking of ‘bones’ if these two photos don’t give you one I don’t know what to tell ya!

Emily Deschanel nude photo

Love the first shot in particular with the Bones theme and the sexy doctor completely naked. Hmmm they should use that shot for the DVD box art I reckon lol. Sales would go through the roof I would imagine!

Emily Deschanel fakes

The second pic sees her getting a good slow poke. Now that is what I call a good bedside manner!

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I’ve had a bit of a crush on actress Sarah Chalke for as long as I can remember. The first time I saw her was when she suddenly appeared on Roseanne as “new Becky”. I licked the old Becky but when she walked in I forgot all about her haha.

Sarah Chalke fakes

These days she is more known for her role on Scrubs and hasn’t done a whole lot else really. She is still hot looking… dare I say even more so now. Of course she has not done nudity and I pretty much doubt she ever will. Oh well, nevermind we still have these wonderful faked images to look at.

Sarah Chalke nude

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Even in prison Lindsay Lohan probably didn’t wear handcuffs but she is in this fucked up bondage fantasy. In fact she is also restrained by ropes around her feet. I’d probably add a ball gag to the repertoire just to shut her up.. then again once your cock is stuffed in there it’s all good lol.

Lindsay Lohan nude

Lindsay Lohan hentai

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While we have featured beautiful Victoria Justice before she is just too damn hot to not get a second outing. I wanted to post a couple of new fakes of her and I am pretty sure no one here is going to object to seeing her naked again.

Victoria Justice fake

There was quite the collection to chose from but I picked out these two images as my favorites. The first shows her looking absolutely radiant sitting naked on the bed… imagine coming home to that! The second pic shows her with a fun looking toy!

Victoria Justice naked

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