It came as no surprise to me that Hugh Hefner asked Paget Brewster if she would like to pose nude for Playboy. I have thought she was sexy as all hell and it’s good see old Hugh still has good tastes. She declined the offer unfortunately for us. Damn, I really wanted to see the hot Criminal Minds star get her gear off.

Paget Brewster nude

Oh well we can always turn to the world of celebrity fakes to get the next best thing when a famous girl wont give it up. Check out these two Paget Brewster nude fakes and use a little imagination to feed your celebrity sex fantasy.

Paget Brewster sex

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I don’t believe I have actually seen anything that the astonishingly good looking Laura Vandervoort has been in. I have seen loads of pictures of her though and I really like what I see. If you have seen the pretty blonde actress in a bikini you will know just what a slamming figure she has. Combine that with her angel face looks and you have a femme fatal of epic proportions.

Laura Vandervoort nude

Laura Vandervoort porn

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I can’t say I am a fan of the Twilight movies. I have always liked Vampire folklore and stories but to me these films are too corny and tween oriented to be enjoyable. I did watch the first one and was quite taken by Kristen Stewart. She is a really good looking girl and she can act too. I’d like to see her in something that sucks less than these films though (‘sucks’ geddit? I crack myself up).

Kristen Stewart naked

There are precious little ‘hot pictures’ of her on the net too. I am sure there are a tonne of male fans that were disappointed to come back empty after a google search. Well, when that is the case there is always the world of celebrity fakes to fill the void.

Kristen Stewart nude

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Sexy wrestling babe Christy Hemme makes an appearance on YF today by way of these very well done fakes. I have lusted after this sexy redhead for a long time seeing her in all sorts of hot outfits and positions while she was wrestling. I tell you this fighting babe could probably kick my ass and I think I’d enjoy it.

Christy Hemme nude

Christy Hemme naked

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I do like Asian girls that look like Brenda Song. I am not saying she is chubby or anything but she isn’t overly petite or thin… she’s just got some really nice curves on her. I thought she looked pretty damn cute in The Social Network too in the small role she had.

Brenda Song nude

When I got back from the screening I decided to have a look for some hot pictures of her. Apart from some oops style photos and a couple of nice bikini shots I couldn’t find much in the way of revealing pictures. I knew where to go to scratch that itch though.

Brenda Song sex

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Not sure how one of the hottest women on the face of the earth has managed to elude us so far but she somehow has. I am talking about the truly gorgeous Jessica Alba. To make up for it we have three very awesome yovo fakes of her that are hardcore to the extreme. We have been seeing her do more sexy roles of late but these pics take that to a whole new level.

Jessica Alba sex

Jessica Alba porn

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Pretty dark haired actress Jennifer Carpenter sure caught my eye when I first saw her in Dexter where she plays Debra Morgan. I like the show and would probably watch it anyway but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a hottie like her in it.

Jennifer Carpenter nude

There aren’t a whole lot of sexy or revealing photos available of her. Seems she likes to keep it low key. Well, that is like a red rag to a bull to the guys at Celeb Defamer. They have seen fit to create some nice nude fakes of the attractive actress. Take a look at just two from their collection.

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I caught the tail end of the Charlies Angels movie on cable after coming home the other night. What a perfect cast of girls to play the sexy angels too. Lucy Liu may be a bit of an unorthodox casting for the role but it works so perfectly and any movie with Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore in it is a ‘must watch’ for me. Having all three of these gorgeous women in the one action flick? Pricless!

Lucy Liu and sexy Charlies Angels

I found some great Lucy Liu fakes and I love the x-rated Charlies Angels one above. Now that is a picnic I would give a kidney to be at! The other sees the hot Asian beauty nude and putting those sexy lips to good use. Mmmmm be she could work magic with that mouth!

Lucy Liu nude

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I don’t know which of those sexy Olsen Twins is my favorite. I can barely tell them apart and lets face it they are equally hot. Today we’ve got some Ashley Olsen nude pics for you. After seeing these I’m gonna name her as my fav haha!

Ashley Olsen nude

Of course these are not real photos if you are missing the point of our site. These are fakes and very well done ones at that. You will never see this famous hottie naked any other way and sure as fuck aren’t gonna see her sucking a cock like she is below!

Ashley Olsen sex

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Back today with some nice Alicia Keys fake pictures. It is always tough choosing just one or two pictures to show here when you have a big collection. I’ve mixed it up today with one nude pic and one porn parody of the hot ebony diva. Which do you prefer. I gotta say I love that one of her getting her plump round booty stuffed. Man that looks like a nice ride!

Alicia Keys nude

Alicia Keys sex

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