Show me a man that says he wouldn’t fuck Brooke Burke and I’ll show you a gay guy or a lier haha! There is just something about this woman that makes me want to bend her over and hammer that mature celebrity pussy of hers. Speaking of which in this fantastic sex fake gallery they depict her in some very hot positions I would love to get her in.

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We’ve had more than one request to post up some hot nudes of sexy female comedian Chelsea Handler. I always refer to her as Chelsea Lately as that’s where I know her from and I like the show. Of course the sex tape of her caused a major storm on the net and for good reason too. Who wouldn’t want to see this chick getting fucked??

Chelsea Handler naked

I wanted to see if there where any good nudes of her available and upon checking the Celeb Defamer found some absolute beauties. These are my pick of the bunch of the funny blonde babe. Those tits look like more than handful huh?

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I still remember when the film The Craft came out. It feature four really girls who spent a great deal of the movie in their schoolgirl uniforms! My two favorites where Neve Campbell and of course Robin Tunney who is the subject of todays update. I always make a point of watching this movie if I see it playing on cable and was happy to catch it yesterday.

Robin Tunney nude

Feeling all nostalgic I decided to dig out some pictures of Robin Tunney in the nude for you. Are these for real you cry??? No, they are fakes but it is as close as you will get to seeing this actresses without clothes. She is pretty damn hot in these… there is something about those piercing blue eyes huh?

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Pretty little Kay Panabaker is all grown up and now and man has she developed into a stunning young woman. We have featured her hot sister Danielle Panabaker before and the two are both good looking girls.

Kay Panabaker nude

You won’t find much in the way of revealing photos of Kay floating around. She seems a very wholesome lass which will frustrate those looking to see some skin. What we do have though is a nice big batch of fakes of the pretty starlet. These are my favorites from the bunch… mmmm just how I imagined that luscious little body to look.

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I can’t believe I was on the fence about whether I found Rashida Jones hot or not when I first saw her on The Office. Now I find her really sexy. She is quite exotic looking I suppose as she is from a mixed black and Jewish background I believe. Anyway I am enjoying seeing her again in Parks And Recreation even if it is not quite as good as The Office it’s still fairly good.

Rashida Jones nude

Rashida Jones fake

Ok I am sure you are not here to my opinions of current sitcoms and just want to see her naked. Well guess what fucko? Not gonna happen. No way. Nah huh. The nearest you are gonna get to seeing her out of her clothes is via fakes like these. Check out a whole series of these very x-rated
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The very pretty Amanda Seyfried is an actress I have been longing to see naked since I first saw her in Mean Girls. There is something very sexy about her angel face. I thinks it’s those big beautiful eyes and pouty lips. I can only imagine what it would be like kissing that sweet mouth.

Amanda Seyfried pussy

We had one of the hottest scenes in a long while in Chloe where we got to see Amanda with Julianne Moore naked and kissing. The movie was crap but by God that scene is etched in my memory for ever know as I also find Julianne quite sexy too.

Amanda Seyfried naked

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Do you remember your first celebrity crush? When I was quite young indeed I remember being madly in love with Bo Derek. At the time she was a major sex symbol and became a household name for the way she looked in that swimsuit in the movie 10. I think I went through puberty early because of that haha. That was followed up with equally sexy performances in Bolero and Tarzan, the Ape Man. I still have a poster of her rolled up somewhere in the attic.

Bo Derek nude

Even though we have seen her naked in the movies mentioned and I think she even did Playboy at one stage I still will grab any nude picture of her I can. There were some a few hot nude fakes of her at Celeb Defamer and this is one of them. This pic is way more explicit than any sex scene from any film she has been in!

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Beautiful exotic looking NCIS babe Cote De Pablo is the focus of todays post. My eyes are drawn to this exquisite looking women every time I see her. Of course I would love to see a little more of that sexy svelte South American body of hers. I don’t think that is gonna happen though… she just isn’t the type I am afraid. Well, like a red rag to a bull the guys at Celeb Defamer take it as a personal challenge when a hot female celebrity refuses to pose naked and have done a huge batch of Cote De Pablo fakes. Here’s two nice ones of her looking drop dead gorgeous and showing us that delicious naked figure at long last.

Cote De Pablo naked

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Just about every guy I know who watches The Office has a little crush on cute Pam Beesly played of course by Jenna Fischer. While I think she was definitely cuter when she was first on the show she is still a hot looking girl. We haven’t seen too much skin on show apart for getting to see her in some sexy lingerie in a film whose name escapes me at the moment. I would love to see her totally naked being the pervert I am haha!

Jenna Fischer nude

Jenna Fischer sex

Well the guys at Celebrity F have taken it one step further and done a very hardcore series of Jenna Fischer fakes. Innocent little Pam is getting her mouth, pussy and asshole pumped full of raging hard cocks in just about everyone of this pics in this free gallery. I wonder what Jim would think about that!

The name Maggie Lawson didn’t really ring any bells when someone inquired about posting some hot pics of her. Upon a quick search I recognized her well enough as that cute blonde from Psych. While I am not really a big fan of the show or anything else she has been in I would like to see this girl naked like the rest of you perverts haha.

Maggie Lawson nude

Here are a couple of nicely worked fakes of the 30 year old actress. The first one sees her nude with strategically placed hands covering that hot pussy. The other is less coy with her sitting on a big dick. I’ll let you guess as too which my favorite is.

Maggie Lawson sex

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