Hot young 20 year old actress Emma Roberts sure is has blossomed into a gorgeous looking woman. I love those huge brown eyes of hers and that big smile she always seems to be flashing. It’s just too bad she doesn’t flash much else lol. I’d love to see those perfect tits she is always hiding away. Well guess what? Today we can get a peek. Check out these two nude pictures of the gorgeous brunette without clothes. Of course these are not real but some convincing looking fakes.

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Many still remember the show Cheers with a lot of affection. When I saw some pictures from the Cheers porn parody video I knew I wanted to watch it. Last night I fired it up and settled in to see Sam, Rebecca, Carla, Norm and Woody go at it like you never imagined.

So check out some select stills from the video and of course the trailer. It shows just some of the steamy action between all our favorite bar flies. Their are some big cocks in this video and both Rebecca and even Carla are busy sucking them and getting their pussies reamed by them.

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Soviet born Mila Kunis would have to be one of the most beautiful woman in movies today. The dark haired beauty always lights up the screen with her smoldering exotic looks. You know she has got a tight little body going on too and this fake of her is one of the best I have seen. It looks totally realistic and could easily pass as a real nude photo of Mila.

It is not though, but a cleverly done altered pic from Celeb Defamer. Tell me you don’t wanna jump that oiled up slim body! The other image I chose to show is one of her getting that hot little slit stuffed porn style.

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I wasn’t sure who Danielle Fishel was till I googled her name and then it was all clear. I recognized her instantly as Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World. I, like a lot of guys had a thing for her during the 90s. She still looks good today too but I am sure we all like a bit of nostalgia, so here a couple of nude fakes of her with her 90s look.

Danielle Fishel nude

Danielle Fishel naked

I don’t know which of these Danielle Fishel fakes I like more. Both show what a smoking hot body this chick has got going on. There are more of these to see at the Fake Fantasy site. They have faked pictures of many popular celebrities the way you only ever dreamed of seeing them so indulge your famous fantasies today.

Another day, another hot teen idol for you. This time it’s pretty dark haired actress Victoria Justice. The beautiful 18 year old was always going to grow into a stunning looking woman. The only problem is she is one of those wholesome types who you just know will never ever pose nude. In fact there are very few pictures of her in anything close to revealing.

Victoria Justice nude

Well the guys at Celeb Defamer see that as a challenge and tend to make a lot more faked nudes of these types of celebrities. They have a stack of both nude and sex fakes of Victoria that I really enjoyed looking at. Here are two that I liked most.

Victoria Justice naked

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Forget about searching the web for all the various Miley Cyrus oops and wardrobe malfunctions in the hope of getting the tiniest glimpse of skin. We’ve got the sexy Hannah Montana star completely naked for you today. Check her out in all her glory. How long have you been waiting to see those perky tits or better yet that juicy pussy?

Miley Cyrus fake

Miley Cyrus naked

Of course these images are not real. You don’t really think this teen idol is going to pose for shots like this do you. Of course not… well not yet anyway, who knows what this party crazy girl will do! So yeah, these are fakes, but good ones at that.

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Pretty faced actress Jorja Fox always stands out in any scene she is in I find. I like her girlish looks. At over 40 she still looks young and cute. We had someone ask about posting some nude pictures of her and who are we to disappoint? Especially when I have some A-grade fakes of her sitting right here. I can’t post them all so I’ve just picked out two of my favorites. Both show the attractive brunette totally naked from the front. Great tits and a hot little pussy are on show big time here!

Jorja Fox nude

Jorja Fox naked

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Finally sweet little Debby Ryan turned eighteen a few weeks ago. You always knew she was going to grow into a beautiful young woman. The child star has been in a lot of G-rated stuff and has a real good girl image. If ever there was an actress I would put my house on not to ever do a nude scene it would be her.

Not to fear the guys at Celeb Defamer like a challenge. To celebrate the teen idol’s 18th birthday they made a series of nude fakes of her. These are nicely done and the closest you are going to get to seeing those sexy titties or hot little snatch for real.

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Truth be told I fucking the Sex And The City TV show and haven’t seen either of the movies either. I have seen bits and pieces while channel flicking and usually it’s only because sexy Kristin Davis or Sarah Jessica Parker are on screen. The other two I could take or leave.

In any case when I saw that the Parody Pass guys had done an x-rated version of the show I knew I wanted to see it. It had to better and more entertaining the real show. So we get to finally Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes in real sex action.

The casting is good here especially SJP character. There is plenty of hardcore action with lots of cock sucking and banging but the scene that really made this Sex And The City parody a great one was the lesbian scene where all four girls got naked and went to town pussy eating and kissing.

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For me the best sitcom in history was Seinfeld. I can still watch reruns of it to this day. Aside from being massively funny I think every guy had a crush on Elaine played by Julia Louis Dreyfus. What I would have given back in the day to catch a peek of her naked. Anyway, as I was flicking randomly through the archives at Celeb Defamer I came across these parody style fakes that gave me a chuckle. All feature Elaine like we have only ever dreamed of seeing her! Mmmm bush.

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