Another beautiful English lass for you today. It’s gorgeous blonde model slash actress Gemma Atkinson. Some of you may not have heard of her but I am sure no one is gonna complain about seeing a girl as hot as her naked. Even if they do I don’t give a toss anyway haha.

I love this shot of her in particular. Yes this a fake and not a real nude photo. You’ll find tonnes of hot shots of her in bikini’s etc but when you want to see the full deal you have to turn to the world of celebrity fakes like these.

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Was watching an old rerun of 3rd Rock from the Sun earlier on cable and it reminded me how much I used to love Kristen Johnston who played Sally Solomon. I mean what was not to like about her. Good looking, tall and leggy and a huge pair of boobs – prime whack material for a horny teen haha. Bet Sally ushered many a lad into an early puberty with those big tits.

Kristen Johnston topless

Kristen Johnston nude

So after watching I was left feeling all nostalgic and horny too haha. I went straight to were I knew I could find lots of nude pictures of the busty actress – Fake Fantasy. Here are just two of their Kristen Johnston fakes both featuring those wonderful big boobs. Visit their site to see them all plus those of many more famous women of all ages.

I’ll have to admit to not having actually seen any film or television show that this girl is in but I wanted to post these up anyway. Her name is Ashley Benson and she’s quite a pretty gal as you can no doubt see. She is mostly a soapie actress I think but I am sure your here to see her naked so you probably already know that much!

Ashley Benson nude

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I had no idea who Camilla Belle even was but these two images really caught my eye earlier and I decided to look her up. Turns out she is in some television shows I don’t watch but now that I have discovered this dark haired babe I may be tempted to tune in to them (yes I realize people don’t actually ‘tune in’ to a TV station anymore lol!).

Camilla Belle nude

Anyway, I really love these two shots – especially the very hands on massage one. How’d you like to that dude rubbing hot oil all over her luscious body? I might have to think about that some more later!

Camilla Belle fake

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Pretty young actress Jennette McCurdy is best known for her role in iCarly where she plays Sam Puckett. We have been getting a lot of requests to post some nudes of the popular starlet and we never like to disappoint. Here are a couple of very well done fakes of her in all her naked glory. I reckon she is one of those girls you have ZERO chance of EVER seeing do nudity so lap these up!

Jennette McCurdy nude

Jennette McCurdy fakes

Like I said this girl is very pretty. I love her blonde curly hair almost as much as her lovely body. These Jennette McCurdy fakes leave very little to the imagination in that regard. These are only two from the series that Celeb Defamer have of her. Visit their site to see them all as well as hot fakes of thousands more famous females from actresses and presenters to singers, models and more.

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I thought I had seen it all running this site. When a buddy of mine told me there was a Golden Girls porn video I thought he was joking. Who would wanna see Betty White nude and having sex I asked. He just shrugged and pointed me to the video. We’ve got a few screen grabs and a video trailer showing some of the action. Relax, they didn’t get 70 year old mature porn stars to play the roles. Rather they chose some MILF type hotties to star in this weird x-rated version of the sitcom. So take a peek at the trailer to see these old tarts sucking some hot cock at long last!

Okay so the cast doesn’t look exactly like their true life counterparts but not too bad given the age challenge. I think the chick playing Rose is pretty accurate though and I think most want to see her sucking on some cock with Blanche.

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I could not decide which famous lady to feature this morning. I blame that on a big night and a few too many beers. So today we have a couple of group style celebrity fakes that feature a bunch of nude actresses together. The first of which is a hot fore-some of curvaceous beauties in the form of Salma Hayek, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Justice and Kaley Cuoco. All of which we have featured individually in the past but man is that one hot picture of them all naked together with their sexy bodies pressing against each other. Mmmmm love to be the meat in that sandwich!

The other is a huge group fake of a load of popular famous women. I’m not gonna name them all but I dare say most people could name all the sexy actresses in the picture if they look hard enough.

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Cute actress Amber Tamblyn is our featured celebrity today. I haven’t seen much of anything she has been in but I thought she stood out in House whenever she was on. You are not here for thoughts on that though but rather to see some nude pictures of this up and coming starlet I am sure. Well here you go. These are two fake nudes of her. “What these aren’t real???” you bellow. Of course they aren’t!

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That gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr always looks amazing. We have seen her perfect lithe body in all sorts of tiny bikinis and lingerie over the past few years but no matter how skimpy her outfit I am always left wanting to see more and more of that perfect body of hers.

Miranda Kerr nude

Well these fakes should scratch your itch in that regard. Obviously these aren’t real but some clever photoshoppery. Both these shows the sexy swimsuit model completely nude and getting down to some hot sex with multiple guys.

Miranda Kerr porn

If you like celebrity porn then you will love what Fake Fantasy have waiting for you. Visit them to check out more of their x-rated celebs.

Attractive English actress Emily Blunt finds her way onto CFL today by way of this nude fake. To be honest I don’t know much about her apart from thinking she was devastatingly beautiful in The Adjustment Bureau which I saw last weekend. In any case I am sure you’re not here to listen to my movie reviews so we will make with the hot nude pic you are here to see.

Emily Blunt nude

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