I have to admit to having a huge celebrity crush on Tina Fey. She is just so sexy and she has that little bit of geek appeal that I like. She is funny as hell too. She really skyrocketed in popularity since she did that Sarah Palin parody on SNL, but I have a long time fan of hers. I even find that scar sexy!

Tina Fey nude

Anyway, here are some very nice Tina Fey nude fakes for you. The first if of Tina topless with those perky tits sitting high and proud of her slim frame. That’s just how I imagine her boobs to look. The other yovo fake sees Tina Fey naked and playing with a dildo. Hey there are rumors she is a lesbian after all.

Tina Fey sexy

There are many more Tina Fey fakes available in the massive Celeb Defamer database. To list every actress they have would be near impossible. There are over 200,000 plus celebrity fakes! for members to download.

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