I can’t believe I was on the fence about whether I found Rashida Jones hot or not when I first saw her on The Office. Now I find her really sexy. She is quite exotic looking I suppose as she is from a mixed black and Jewish background I believe. Anyway I am enjoying seeing her again in Parks And Recreation even if it is not quite as good as The Office it’s still fairly good.

Rashida Jones nude

Rashida Jones fake

Ok I am sure you are not here to my opinions of current sitcoms and just want to see her naked. Well guess what fucko? Not gonna happen. No way. Nah huh. The nearest you are gonna get to seeing her out of her clothes is via fakes like these. Check out a whole series of these very x-rated
Rashida Jones fakes which are from the Celebrity F site. As always if you like what you see and want to see more hit up their site.

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