Whatever happened to Phoebe Cates? Back when I was like 12 I had a massive crush on her. My God she was beautiful. Those huge brown eyes, her angel face and that body was my idea of the perfect girl. I’d see everything she was in like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and then she was unforgettable in that little red bikini in Paradise. Better yet was when she went topless. I think I still have a movie clip of that somewhere on this PC.

Phoebe Cates nude

So today I was feeling nostalgic and decided to post these Phoebe Cates nude pictures. These are fakes of course but still a nice fantasy tool.. if you know what I mean! These are from the infamous Celeb Defamer. I also looked up quite a few actresses I had the hots for years ago and was stoked to find they had nude fakes of them too. I’m talking blast from the pasts like Cybill Shepherd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Suzanne Somers and many others.

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