Soviet born Mila Kunis would have to be one of the most beautiful woman in movies today. The dark haired beauty always lights up the screen with her smoldering exotic looks. You know she has got a tight little body going on too and this fake of her is one of the best I have seen. It looks totally realistic and could easily pass as a real nude photo of Mila.

It is not though, but a cleverly done altered pic from Celeb Defamer. Tell me you don’t wanna jump that oiled up slim body! The other image I chose to show is one of her getting that hot little slit stuffed porn style.

Oh you want more? There are a stack of these Mila Kunis fakes at Celeb Defamer. We have shown a reduced size version but there members get to see the full sized ones. At last count they had over 250,000 such images of just about any famous female you care to name.

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