I guarantee you this woman would just about be in every guys top 10 celebrities they would love to see nude. I am talking about the immensely sexy Transformers babe and super model Megan Fox. Man this girl is hot. One those chicks it almost hurts to look at they are that good looking.

Megan Fox naked

I have been looking and high and low for any pictures of Megan Fox naked and have yet to find any genuine photos. I of course found plenty of sexy pictures of her in FHM bikini shoots and some paparazzi shots but no real nude photos like I had hoped for. That is until I stumbled upon on these Megan Fox fakes from Celeb Defamer

Megan Fox fakes

These are very well done and look about as real as you can get. I assure you though they are fakes. Since I found these I have been getting more into celebrity fakes. I got myself a subscription to Celeb Defamer and have been downloading fakes of all my favorite actresses ever since. With over 110,000 images it’s gonna take a while to work my way through their massive database of images… but it’s fun doing it!

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