I was having a drunken debate with a couple of mates at the bar the other day about whether or Lady Gaga was hot. One guy said she was fairly average looking and the other guy said he flat though she was fugly. I disagreed with both of them and said that I though she was incredibly sexy. I really dig that thick booty of hers. Did you see her at the most recent MTV Awards? I was staring at those sweet cheeks poking out of her little outfit and praying for a wardrobe malfunction of some type.

Lady Gaga nude

Lady Gaga naked

As skimpy and revealing as some of her crazy outfits and costumes are I really want to see Lady Gaga naked. I reckon it won’t be all that long before she does a nude concert or something equally provocative. Hell maybe she’ll go all the way and do porn! Okay wishful thinking there i think but still it’s nice to dream.

Anyway enjoy these two Lady Gaga fakes that are courtesy of the Celeb Defamer site. They have more nudes of the sexy pop singer as well as fakes of thousands upon thousands of famous women from all over the world.

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