Have we had too many young starlets lately? Lets go the other way today with an example of a sexy mature celebrity that I’d still love to nail to a wall if you know what I mean. Hot Kelly Ripa is now over forty but she is more sexy than ever in my opinion. I love looking at those sexy legs whenever she is in a skirt… just waiting for that elusive oops moment and getting a peek at her panties!

Kelly Ripa nude

I was too horny to be satiated with a video of her legs or feet though. Even a swimsuit was too much covering. Knowing she doesn’t do nudity I knew the only way to scratch this itch was via faked celebrity photos like these.

Kelly Ripa fakes

Both of these Kelly Ripa fakes come courtesy of Fake Fantasy. See the full collection in FULL SIZE photos by becoming a member of their site.

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