Stunningly beautiful British actress Keira Knightley is a woman I have long wanted to see naked. Even before Pirates of the Caribbean made her a big name I knew who she was! I am sure I in a long list of guys that wanna see her with no clothes on.

Keira Knightley fake

We’ve seen some unflattering photos of Keira in a bikini that the paparazzi snapped but we are yet to see any real nude shots of her. I highly doubt we ever will either because like most A-list actors and actresses it’s just not in their best interest to bare all. You gotta tease after all. Well, that’s fine for them but some us wanna see them completely and utterly naked. That is where Celeb Defamer step in with their high quality image fakery.

Keira Knightley sex

Check out these two completely faked pictures of Keira Knightley nude and very naughty. It may not be real but it’s the closest you are ever going to come to see your favorite celebrities nude.

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