There is something incredibly hot about the somewhat geeky Mythbusters babe Kari Byron. The cute redhead is one of the main reasons I tune in each week. It is a good program but still haven’t the sexy Kari in tight jeans or the odd bikini doesn’t hurt. I think they need to find some myth that requires Kari Byron to be naked though what do ya think? Perhaps a “is Kari a real redhead?” test should be tested to see if the downstairs rug matches the upstairs drapes haha.

Kari Byron nude

Jokes aside I went looking for some nude pictures of Kari and found sweet fuck all. Well, I did find these celebrity fakes. Pretty hot I gotta say to finally see her nude.

These are from the controversial Celeb Defamer site. They have fakes like these of thousands of female celebrities (and a few male celebs too) in their massive members section.

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