I got a buddy who is obsessed with Jessica Simpson. He loves her like a fat kid loves cake! He is always scouring the web searching for any sex tapes or leaked nude pictures of the blombe bombshell. I keep telling him that apart from a few oops pics like upskirts he isn’t gonna ever find any real photos of her naked. I hooked him up with a whole bunch of Jessica Simpson fakes that I downloaded from Celeb Defamer.

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At first he was like “Fuck that they aren’t real!” I explained you are never ever going to see this celebrity nude any other way are you? He admitted I was probably right. I told him to just let his imagination go wild and these fakes can be the best celebrity fantasy tool you could ever want. A few days later he was thanking me and had got himself a Celeb Defamer membership and was downloading celebrity fakes like a mad cunt! Haha I love a happy ending don’t you!

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