Pretty young actress Jennette McCurdy is best known for her role in iCarly where she plays Sam Puckett. We have been getting a lot of requests to post some nudes of the popular starlet and we never like to disappoint. Here are a couple of very well done fakes of her in all her naked glory. I reckon she is one of those girls you have ZERO chance of EVER seeing do nudity so lap these up!

Jennette McCurdy nude

Jennette McCurdy fakes

Like I said this girl is very pretty. I love her blonde curly hair almost as much as her lovely body. These Jennette McCurdy fakes leave very little to the imagination in that regard. These are only two from the series that Celeb Defamer have of her. Visit their site to see them all as well as hot fakes of thousands more famous females from actresses and presenters to singers, models and more.

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