Stunning blonde Emily Procter has been an actress I have been looking forward to posting pictures of here at YF for quite a while. She is best known for her roles as Calleigh Duquesne in CSI: Miami but has done a tonne of other stuff too. I always enjoy her scenes in any show or film. She has that certain something that lights up the screen for me. She’s very beautiful and man what a body. If you have seen her in Breast Men you will know precisely what I mean!

Emily Procter nude

As nice as it is to see her topless in that movie I still really wanted to see Emily Procter completely nude. I checked out her section at Celeb Defamer and found some really hot fakes of her. Check out my pick of the bunch above. That dreamy face, wonderful big breasts and spread open pussy all in one shot! That’s some prime jerk off fodder right there!

Y can see more Emily Procter fakes at Celeb Defamer – the biggest fakes collection on the net.

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