You know Miley Cryus isn’t the only babe in Hannah Montana. In fact I don’t even think she is the sexiest. I would award that title to Emily Osment myself who plays Lilly Truscott / Lola Luftnagle. There is something really hot about this girl. She is now eighteen and has blossomed into a really stunning looking woman. As always we have the nude photos you have been craving.

Emily Osment fake

Are they real? No, of course not. Emily hasn’t done any nudity and I pretty much doubt she ever will. So if you want to see her naked then these fakes are as close as you are ever going to get in my opinion. They are pretty convincing looking and I am sure they have fooled more than their share of guys looking for Emily Osment nude photos.

Emily Osment naked

Both of these images of the young actress naked come from the Celeb Defamer site. They are the biggest and best archive of famous fakes on the net so you know where to go to find more.

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