I never thought of Ellen Page as being hot or sexy when I first saw her in Hard Candy. I thought she was cute in a tomboy kind of way and she is definitely a great young actress with loads of talent. I finally got around to seeing Inception on the weekend and although the film didn’t really live up to the hype in my book I was struck by how beautiful Ellen looked. I couldn’t take my eyes off her when she was on screen. She certainly is developing into a major hottie. I just which we got to see more of her in raunchy sort of roles.

Ellen Page nude

Ellen Page naked

Sadly I really think that she is going to be one of those actresses you are just never going to see do nudity in any form. I just can’t see it happening. Therefore these Ellen Page nude fakes are as close as you are going to get. If you hate fakes and find them pointless then you better have a vivid imagination haha! Myself, I like both of these images that show Ellen in all her naked glory.

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