I’ve always liked Courtney Cox ever since the start of Friends. She is a classic example of a hot skinny chick with a big rack. She doesn’t show them off too much but she’s got some real hangers on her for a slim girl. I was excited to see her star in Cougar Town and she sure is a nice choice for that role. Mmmm with that Desperate Housewives there’s a whole lot of hot famous MILFs on our screens!

Courtney Cox nude

Still Courteney has never done any real nudity or overly sexy roles. I would kill to see her naked. I really wanna see what those big tits look like! Well the guys at Celeb Defamer have created some nice fakes of the pretty actress for us to drool over. So take a peek. It’s Courtney Cox nude at last.

Courtney Cox Friends sex

The other porn fake sees her in a hot lesbian sex scene with her fellow Friends babes Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

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