I had no idea who Camilla Belle even was but these two images really caught my eye earlier and I decided to look her up. Turns out she is in some television shows I don’t watch but now that I have discovered this dark haired babe I may be tempted to tune in to them (yes I realize people don’t actually ‘tune in’ to a TV station anymore lol!).

Camilla Belle nude

Anyway, I really love these two shots – especially the very hands on massage one. How’d you like to that dude rubbing hot oil all over her luscious body? I might have to think about that some more later!

Camilla Belle fake

There is quite a nice little collection of these Camilla Belle nude fakes at Celeb Defamer. We have reduced the size of these two in order to show them here but their members can download the full sized versions of over a quarter of a million celebrity fakes featuring all sorts of famous women.

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