Todays featured Yovo fakes star pretty starlet Bridgit Mendler. These are for you guys that have been requesting us to post up some hot pictures of the ex Disney channel babe. Now this up and comer is about wholesome as they come. Very much a G-rated hottie at them moment and I don’t see that changing.

Bridgit Mendler fakes

I highly doubt we will ever see this one do any kind of nudity and we all know how frustrating that can be. Fear not though, as always we can bring you the next best thing. Have a look at these Bridgit Mendler fakes as it’s the closest we may ever come to see her naked.

Bridgit Mendler nude

I really like the first image above for obvious reasons. They are even more like that one inside the massive Fake Fantasy members section. They have these sorts of pictures of tonnes of actresses, television presenters, models, sports women and more.

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