Last night I re-watched the movie Havoc (yes again!) staring the always sexy Anne Hathaway. Of course it is purely co-incidental that she appeared naked briefly in this film lol. Ok I lie it’s the ONLY reason I watched it. It got me thinking I should post some new fakes of the tall and leggy actress as I have a huge batch of new ones I found at Fake Fantasy. I can’t post them all but I picked out two I knew you guys would like.

Anne Hathaway nude

The first one is my personal favorite. It shows her naked leaning back showing off her incredible rack. Man I love those famous tits! The other is much more explicit and sees her spreading her pussy wide open for our inspection.

Anne Hathaway fakes

Like I said these are just two from the huge series of Anne Hathaway fakes that can be found at Fake Fantasy. Treat yourself to a members pass to see them all in larger size and tonnes more faked nude and sex pics of many more famous women.

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