Like many I first discovered how beautiful Cobie Smulders was after seeing her in the role of Robin Scherbatsky on the television series How I Met Your Mother. She kind of reminds me a little of a young Jennifer Connelly and she was smoking hot back then!

Cobie Smulders in the nude

Shes had a few smallish film roles and I sure noticed her gorgeous face in the resent Avengers movie. I would give my left nut to see her do some major nudity, but somehow I don’t think she will go down that path sadly.

Cobie Smulders fakes

What are we do then? We will have to make do with these Cobie Smulders fakes and a little imagination. I love both of these images and the rest of the series is just as hot. Get them all in FULL SIZE at Fake Fantasy and make all your dirty celebrity fantasies cum to life!

Super hot Michelle Hunziker is a nice mix of Swiss and Italian ancestory. No surprises she was a successful model with many admiring male fans the worlds over. While not a huge household name most would recognize her face (and that luscious toned figure!).

Michelle Hunziker nude

While there are tonnes of pictures of Michelle in revealing swimsuits and lingerie and alike all over the internet none are as revealing as these nude photos. Are they real or fake?

Michelle Hunziker fake

Of course they are indeed fakes, but it’s not like you can really tell. The CelebDefamer website has images like this of all kinds of hot female celebrities. Pay them a visit to see previews of their stuff.

Some hot faked nude photos of Rachel Nichols for you today. That’s Rachel Nichols the actress not the ESPN sports reporter… who also is hot but co-incidence but we might feature her another day. Today is all about the sexy blonde goddess you see below.

Rachel Nichols nude

It’s the fair golden hair and those piercing eyes that draw me to Rachel. True she has a delicious body too but it’s her pretty face that has me captivated.

Rachel Nichols naked

I looked her up at Celeb Defamer and was very excited to find a massive collection of nude and sex photos of her. They are all fakes of course but it really is impossible to tell in most cases unless you knew. Don’t take our word for it. Pay them a visit and preview more of their work.

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For the one or two of you out there that keep bugging me to post some nude photos of hot Indian actress Katrina Kaif today’s is your lucky day finally. Well kind of. These pictures of her without clothes on are not in fact real but nicely done fakes.

Katrina Kaif nude fake

The first of these show the shapely Hindi film actress wearing nothing at all but a pearl necklace and the other is more salacious with Katrina in a sex parody.

Katrina Kaif sex

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There was a time not too long ago when Jessica Simpson was right up with the most desirable women on the planet. Her popularity isn’t anywhere near as high these days but she still has a tonne of fans (mostly male I would imagine).

Jessica Simpson hentai

Here’s a preview of a hot set of hentai pictures that sees the blonde actress without clothes in a kinky sex scene. There’s ropes, chains and other toys in this sexy celebrity fantasy.

Jessica Simpson sex

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Christine Bleakley is a British television presenter that pops up on the tube every now and again to tease our cocks. I know guys that just love her legs and get off on her in a skirt. Not me! She does have nice pins I’ll agree but I won’t to see a whole lot more flesh than her gams!

Christine Bleakley porn

I was thinking about this very thing earlier and decided to dig out these porn fakes I’ve had kicking around a while. Of course we will never see anything like this for real but it’s nice to dream no?

Christine Bleakley fake

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Have we had too many young starlets lately? Lets go the other way today with an example of a sexy mature celebrity that I’d still love to nail to a wall if you know what I mean. Hot Kelly Ripa is now over forty but she is more sexy than ever in my opinion. I love looking at those sexy legs whenever she is in a skirt… just waiting for that elusive oops moment and getting a peek at her panties!

Kelly Ripa nude

I was too horny to be satiated with a video of her legs or feet though. Even a swimsuit was too much covering. Knowing she doesn’t do nudity I knew the only way to scratch this itch was via faked celebrity photos like these.

Kelly Ripa fakes

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Fox by name and foxy by nature is how I’d describe CSI star Jorja Fox. She’s a gorgeous looking woman and not one that is easy to take ones eyes off. Truth be told she’s the only reason I even watch!

Jorja Fox nude

Jorja is not exactly the type to do nudity so I doubt we will be seeing much skin from her. Near not fellow pervs as we have the next best thing – fakes!

Jorja Fox fake

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Everyones favorite busty pop babe is back on Yovo Fakes today. I am talking of course of Katy Perry. She sure can tease and has men the world over wanting a peek at her boobs. If she is smart she will keep teasing and never go topless. Keep them wanting more as the old saying goes.

Katy Perry nude

Not surprisingly there is a huge collection of faked nude and sex photos of the popstar. Seeing as how we can’t see her naked for real we are going to have to rely on these images for visual stimulation!

Katy Perry fake

I love the first pic of her topless in pink hot pants. Wow imagine those perfect tits right up in your face. The other image shows her totally naked and ready and waiting for you big boy! Hehe.

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We have showcased the gorgeous Mega Fox previously, but that was a while ago now and I found some hot new fakes of her. I am sure no one is going to object to that… and if they do they can go GFT haha.

Megan Fox fakes

The first of these shows the Transformers babe topless in a sports car. We all know hot chicks help sell cars but imagine the bidding war on this vehicle after it has had her thong covered ass all over the drivers seat!

Megan Fox sex

In the second shot we see her having anal sex. This one really got me going… and yes for obvious reasons.

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